This article will show you what is keywords install and how it works.

1.     What is keyword installs?

We will be using keywords searching find your apps at Appstore/Google play then download and open it which will boost your app's ranking with such keywords and then you will get organic traffic.

2.     Why keyword installs are better choose?

The new apps always get users from paid ads or organic search. It cost much with paid ads like Google ads and Facebook ads, get downloads via ads (CPI) usually cost $10 and even more when developed countries targeted. For another thing, when you get search rank at App store you will get organic traffic which also highly matched.

3.     How much should I pay with keyword installs

It depends, each apps and regions are different, we do not know how many installs can boost your app get top1-3 rank because of different competition. Some low competition keywords can get top1 rank with just 50-100 installs. One thing we can make sure is that the rank will 100% improve after installs.

4.     What need I do before buy keyword installs?

We want to help all clients get benefits from our service, pls contact us and share the url of your apps, we need check it first to recommend the best keywords for you, if we find your apps has no potential for monetization, we will not recommend to try our service because that will waste your money.