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In the latest Apple Store algorithm, Apple gives a bigger weight to social factors in app ranking rules. Moreover, a report shows that reviews are the most significant factors when users search on app store. This means that if you get more positive reviews , the ranking of your app will greatly be improved. The most popular app is the most reviewed app. That is why app reviews become more and more important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Some Free Reviews For A Test?

Yes, we can provide 20 ios free reviews for a test, just contact us with our live chat or use the contact form.

Can you introduce your TOP 3 Rank service?

We provide the top 3 rank guaranteed service, for you need to contact us to give the keywords and the target region, we will back to you then give the price. Top 3 rank will be guaranteed and if that Invalid we will give a full refund.

Can I choose not 5 stars voting?

Of course you can, we accept 4 stars or 5 stars voting, we do not accept voting under 4 stars because that will be harmful to your apps, meanwhile, we will not accept low stars voting orders.

Can We Send Our Own Texts?

Of Course you can,the comments at reviews part accept customer own texts.Just send a text file with your own texts to our customer service after making order. Select some keywords and country.

Will Apps Get A Better Rank After Reviewing?

Of course,will do apps rating and reviews based on keywords you gives and the rank with keywords will improved significantly.

How App Store Reviews Impact Rankings?

Ratings and reviews influence how your app ranks in search results, and can affect whether someone downloads your app. Users can rate your app on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They can also add a written review for iOS and macOS apps.High Apps rating and reviews will get a better rank from keywords searching.New apps need get a basic rank.

Can I Choose Ratings Only Without Comments?

Yes, your order can be ratings only and regular we will give reviews.Just contact us with live chat.

Need I submit our own texts?

We suggest to submit your own texts, If there are no reviews submitted, all comments will be random, the content of comments can be everything. If you really mind about the content of comments, submit your own texts here with an Excel file, one line one comment.

Can I buy big package and divide in different apps?

Yes, you can buy a 1,000 reviews package and divide in different apps, please make an order first and contact us with LiveChat send your apps and reviews, we will arrange it and help you.

Will My App Get A Good Rank After Making Reviews?

Yes,that is what we do,the rank always improved with its keywords,sometimes,the rank can be reach to top one.Just buy some reviews as a test,you will lose nothing.

How long will it take for you to post the reviews?

We work at the speed you want us to. Reviews can be delivered in 48 hours or you can set your own speed.

Why Need To Buy App Store Reviews?

More positive reviews will attract numerous users to install your app. Because the reviews prove your app is worth installing and playing, and most users would like to download an app having more positive reviews. Comparing with other methods to get app downloads, this method is easier and do not spend much time and effort.

We Can Give 20 ios Reviews For Free Test!!!

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