From January to April 2020, there are 20, 17, 14, and 11 game apps on the list in sequence each month. After ranking 39 products, 69.23% are casual games. The first two months were heavily affected by the epidemic factors, users increased their leisure time at home, and the game App became the main force for users to entertain and entertain; with the epidemic gradually controlled, resumption of work, online classes and other situations, the application App grew faster and became an influential game Factors of decreasing numbers in the two months after the app.

Judging from the ranking of cumulative downloads in April, Peace Elite and King Glory launched new functions and new skins to attract users to download, which made the products grow well and ranked in the top 1 and 2 in order. Among the Top10 list, 70% are casual games, and most of them are new products on the App Store, with outstanding performance.

Among them, heavy and old games are more frequently listed on the list, and most of the casual games are rushed to the monthly list in the same month or the next month, which is full of explosive power. Peace Elite and King Glory are the only products that have been on the list for the fourth consecutive month, accounting for 5.13%; secondly, I have 3 casual games, such as Kung Fu Special, Brain Hole Master, and Crazy Guess Idioms, which are the only consecutive March. Listed products; In addition, 58.97% of the products have only been on the list once, mainly based on the newly released, time-consuming, simple levels, suitable for fragmented time of ultra-casual games, such as walking master, happy money tree and so on.

Among them, 23.07% of the games were put on the App Store in 2018 and before, and old-fashioned products such as chess and card games, happy match landlords, match three games, happy elimination games, sandbox game mini world, etc., with the integration of current new gameplay, the launch of anniversary events, Establish a game IP image, etc., extend the game life cycle. 23.08% of the games have been on the shelves in the past 4 months. Most of them are casual and ultra-casual games. With the help of short video promotion and matrix mutual push, these games can attract a large number of users in a short time, but their life cycle is short. The products are replaced more strongly.

In addition, these 39 hot game apps come from 30 developers, and 10% of the developers own 30.8% of the products. ByteDance, Tencent, and Voodoo are the top 3 developers in terms of the number of their products in the list. ByteDance has 6 products on the list, mainly based on the new products launched by its game company Ohayoo; Tencent is a peaceful elite, happy fighting landlord This kind of old game increment; casual game manufacturer Voodoo's two new polished games are also very popular.

Gameplay, diverse features, elimination, online earning

From the perspective of gameplay, features, and functions, most of the game products on this list are eliminated and online games. There are also products that use matrix mutual push and new derivative products to support the game incrementally. For example, Xiaomeidou landlord and my little family use byte-beating Spring Festival activities, a large number of increments; King Glory and Peace Elite use social tool platforms and anniversary Activities to stimulate user enthusiasm (see the stamp!).

1, 6 elimination games on the list, continuous innovation in gameplay

There are a total of 6 elimination games on the list, namely Happy Consumers, Dream Home, Fingertips, My Little Home, Happy Dissipation, and Love Elimination.

Happy Xiaoxiaole is a classic elimination game that was launched in 2014. The main and secondary lines of the game are mainly elimination games. Since then, there have been simulation-building games based on elimination games. Foreign manufacturers have launched Dream Homes, which is to allow users to obtain stars through the game and exchange materials for building houses and decorating their homes. 3. On the basis of simulation, it also increases the female workplace plot and improves the user's sense of game substitution. In recent years, three or more games that can be eliminated by connecting them together have begun to evolve into two or more adjacent ones of the same color, which can be eliminated by clicking.
2. Convergence online game play, the download volume of Sunshine Pig Farm broke 721w

There are 7 products that incorporate the online earning model in the gameplay. They are mainly based on doubling the revenue from watching advertisements, earning income from tasks, red envelopes and offline revenue.

The online earning model emerged in the first half of last year. It is a product game that focuses on sinking users. Users can obtain gold coins through completed tasks and requirements, which can then be exchanged for cash. Under this powerful temptation, a wave of "money-making enthusiasm" was launched among the user community, and products featuring this kind of user community also joined the gameplay.

The most outstanding performance is the Sunshine Pig Farm. Users only need to continuously synthesize and upgrade piglets in the game and complete the corresponding tasks to get rewards. In addition, the Sunshine Pig Farm also launched a limited number of 10 "red pigs", users can get up to 30% of the platform's advertising revenue every day through the "red pigs". Seven Wheat Research Institute observed that during the period from January to April, the Sunshine Pig Farm dominated the list for 24 days, and the cumulative downloads exceeded 721w (iOS).

10.26% of apps were badly reviewed, Mini World took the initiative to rectify

Judging from the favorable reviews of the 39 product users, the overall positive ratings are relatively high. 46.15% of the apps are rated above 90%, 33.33% of the apps are rated between 80% and 89%, but 10.26% of the products are not rated as good. The main reasons for the poor evaluation of products are: frequent advertisements, mandatory advertisement playback, vulgar game content and so on.

1. Advertisements are forced to play, and the disadvantages of online earning and super casual games are emerging

Frequent advertisements and forced advertisements are more common in online earning and super casual games. For example, after users pass the level, whether it succeeds or fails, some apps will force the 5s and 30s advertisements to pop up, or the advertisement close button is more concealed, which is virtually useless. The user can only be forced to watch the advertisement to continue playing the game.

Due to the setting of gameplay, online earning products mainly attract users to gather by watching advertisements, and some ultra-casual games allow users to watch advertisements, which can increase the chance of game resurrection or the duration of the game, but this should be based on the voluntary viewing of advertisements by users in the case of.

2. Mini World takes the initiative to delist and initiate the highest level of content supervision

Mini World is the only product out of the 39 listed products during this period. The main reason is that some users report that there is bad information such as pornographic content in the game content, and even lure young people to take private photos. Faced with user reports and reflections, Mini World took the initiative to delist from the entire network on April 28, saying that it will initiate the highest level of content regulatory restrictions and completely block the chain of undesirable content transmission until the product rectification is completed.

The recently released "National Research Report on Internet Use by Minors in 2019" by CNNIC shows that the number of minor Internet users has reached 175 million, and according to the mini-world official website news report, young users account for 60% to 70%, and the MAU reaches 8000w, the youth user group in the mini world is very large. Therefore, in the development of the game, Mini World has gradually realized real-name authentication, launched anti-addiction systems, thesaurus filtering and other measures to protect young people.

In the face of policy supervision and user feedback, developers should also actively respond by actively taking measures such as content rectification and bad account ban to avoid greater negative effects on products and corporate image under passive circumstances.

to sum up

In fact, whether it is a game or an application, whenever a product becomes an explosion, similar products will appear in the follow-up. Perhaps in these similar products, it may also become an explosive model, but for a product, the best advantage is that it allows users to have memory points for themselves, and features and games that can make users amazing and memorable. In this way, users will retain more, and the product life cycle is longer, rather than being pointed out by the user: this is not the same as that product.