Hello. I am John, A person who has more than 10 years experience with Apps marketing (ASO). Now I am helping your apps getting more and more users.

How to get more downloads from Appstore?

You need have a good rank with its Keywords, I think everybody know we usually using keywords searching and find the apps then install it.

Factors affecting rankings?

  • Apps quality
  • Daily installs amount
  • Reviews and ratings

How we works ?

We provide installs ,reviews and ratings for your apps help it get a good rank.

My proposal

Buy a package with 1000 reviews or ratings and set it 100 reviews/ratings a day for 10 days(100% safe way),Choose one region (Not USA), I know USA is most targeted region but where is hard to improve the rank (As our experience),you can choose some Europe countries as a test.

The plan 1000 reviews/ratings for 10 days can 100% improve the keywords rank and some can get top 3 rank.

I know some clients worry about 100 reviews a day will not safe for you apps but I need tell that we have worked for more than 5000 clients and none of them get such trouble. Just think about it: if some reviews or ratings can make the app done, I think we can kill all apps, but that will never happen.