With the lower threshold for APP development, many start-up teams often face: limited funding, insufficient staffing, lack of resources, and zero data. However, the project has already started, and how to cold start the APP has become one of the important tasks of the team. Brush retention

1.How to find users
The startup team is facing a lack of information in terms of money / people / resources / data, etc., how to operate? Now that the project has started, the product positioning and target users of the APP have been in place since the team was formed. Clarifying product functions, that is, "what does this app do?" Is the core function that hits users' pain points. All R & D and optimization are carried out around this point. Clarify product positioning and target users, you can choose application categories more accurately when they are on the shelves.

Initial product development will be rough and functionally simple, but it must be effective. For example, WeChat was a simple and free instant messaging tool in the early days. As long as both parties to the communication are connected to the Internet and running WeChat, they can send and receive free text messages instantly, without any limit.

After the qualifications are ready to be applied to various application markets, as far as possible, apply for the launch and other free resources in the application market as much as possible to attract application store users to download and use the main feature highlights. In addition, with the main function as the starting point, you can also carry out free promotion through free channels with large traffic. For example, we can establish official accounts through mainstream traffic platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, or target user communities and competing users. Brush up

Where do seed users come from
Seed users, also known as core users, are not the same as the first users, but heavy users of the product, who dare to try new products, can tolerate product defects, and are willing to provide feedback and suggestions for the product. The pain points are stronger than ordinary users.

So how do seed users get it? The start-up team is scarce in all aspects of resources, simple functions, relatively rough, low visibility and other reasons. The number of users that can be attracted at the beginning is very limited. However, it also leaves more time to communicate with these users, which can narrow the relationship with them, thereby digging and training seed users. The quality of seed users is greater than the quantity, and we cannot blindly pursue the quantity.

Building trust and loyalty during frequent interactions, seed users can help us improve the product experience. Handling bugs, needs and suggestions of seed users in a timely manner, keeping information synchronized and transparent, helps users to continue to pay attention to the product and trust, and the operation team can find the real needs of users. APP brush retention

I believe that the story of Xiaomi Seeds users has been heard by many people. Lei Jun and Li Wanqiang have said on many occasions. When working on Xiaomi's mobile phone system (MIUI), Lei Jun issued an index: to make MIUI reach 1 million users at no cost. Therefore, Li Wanqiang, the person in charge of MIUI, can only do word-of-mouth through the forum: full world bubble forum, find senior users, several people registered hundreds of accounts, advertised on the mobile forum every day, carefully selected 100 super users, participated in MIUI Design, R & D, feedback, etc., even give the outstanding user of the title "honor development group". With the word-of-mouth communication of these 100 people, MIUI was quickly promoted.

At that time, Lei Jun would spend an hour a day responding to comments on Weibo, and even engineers had to respond to forum posts on time. According to statistics, there are about 8,000 posts with substantial content every day in the Xiaomi Forum, and the average engineer has to respond to an average of 150 posts per day. And there will be a status behind each post, showing the extent to which this suggestion is adopted and the engineer ID who solved the problem, which gives the user a sense of being valued.

It can be seen that seed users bring users a sense of importance and honor through operation behaviors, so that users are closely connected with the product.

3.How to promote the initial product
The start-up team has limited funding, and the promotion funding is bound to be carefully calculated. In the process of cultivating seed users, users can be stimulated with benefits such as prizes and VIP privileges, and can be drained from external channels through event planning to promote conversion.

If it is temporarily unavailable or temporarily unavailable, users can be guided to the QQ / WeChat community, public account, applet, etc., to achieve rapid product experience and lower costs. You can also use Weibo, Douyin and other traffic platforms to spread the product. APP brush daily life

Start-up products can use high-traffic platforms to establish official accounts and use welfare activities to attract users who are willing to try something new. But don't be blind to the number of users. Ensuring the use of core functions, cultivating seed users, attaching great importance to the opinions / suggestions / demands of seed users and processing feedback in a timely manner, gradually guide seed users to optimize the product, and start promoting vigorously to achieve rapid growth after the functions mature.