I. 2 models to improve conversion rate
1.Funnel model
The funnel model is currently the most classic model for increasing conversion rates. In the marketing process, a potential user is gradually transformed into a user's conversion quantification process.

When using the funnel model, it is necessary to enumerate the core processes of product purchase in detail, gradually find out the key issues affecting the core processes, and carry out rectification and optimization.

AISAS model
The AISAS model was formerly the AIDMA marketing model. Applicable to e-commerce products, it is also more in line with current consumer buying habits. From attracting the user's attention and arousing the user's interest, to the user's active search, and finally completing the sales transaction, evaluation, and sharing. From the user search to the final purchase transaction, this process includes direct user purchase, customer purchase after customer service consultation, payment process, and final payment environment will cause user loss, so there are many factors that affect conversion rate. android brush list

5 steps to improve conversion
1. Consumer demand
First of all, it is necessary to arouse the user's attention and interest, but how can it arouse the user's interest, then it is necessary that the product can well meet the user's needs and grasp the pain points of the user.

2. Build trust and increase silent conversion rate
After the selling point of the product can meet the needs of users, it is necessary to start building a sense of trust with users. Most users go back to search for reviews of other purchasers before buying a product. If the reviews are better, they will choose to buy. This is why many businesses will spend money to find someone to pay the bills, evaluations, etc. Well, it ’s better than the user to actively evaluate and show the effect. Some merchants will add descriptions or pictures of selling points in the description of products, which is also a good change to improve the silent conversion rate. Getting started with app promotion

3. Improve customer service
When the user browses the product, there are usually other questions. At this time, the user will consult customer service to solve the problem.

Good customer service will guide users, tell them that this is in line with their needs, and guide users to place orders.

Customer service is also important in the purchase process of e-commerce products.

4. Establish a reminder mechanism to improve payment conversion rate
In the process from payment to payment success, user loss will still occur, and a complete urging mechanism needs to be established to improve the payment conversion rate. app channel promotion

5. Guide praise and increase trust
After the user completes the payment, the entire product transaction process has been completed for the merchant, but it is still necessary to guide the praise, which is crucial to increase the trust of the entire product and increase the conversion rate of subsequent users.

Some products with high unit prices may even cost tens of dollars to guide users to praise, just to increase the trust of the entire product. Praise and rebate is a mode commonly used by e-commerce products at present, which increases the praise of users through the stimulation of benefits.