Unlike Apple, Google Play's consideration of application weight involves the entire application page, so optimization of each part is crucial.

Once the URL is determined, it cannot be changed. But whether it ’s a Google store or a Google search engine, the keywords covered in the URL address are heavily weighted. If you can, adding a small number of important keywords to the URL address is very helpful for the weight.

2. Developer name
Add keywords to the developer name. You can refer to the "developer name: keyword + keyword" form, such as
"Abby Games: Racing." In addition, Google favors developers who are actively listing apps, which will improve the search ranking of such developers.

3. Apply the title
App titles not only affect search ranking, but also affect install rate. The title is within 50 characters, the brand name is mainly concise and easy to remember, it is best to add the most relevant keywords in the application title, or you can try to add the most eye-catching words in the search. Use ":", "-" and "&" between titles. It is worth mentioning that each language can add a corresponding title. Since the response of each app in different countries is definitely different, do n’t ignore the localization of the app title.

4. Short description-Short Descrition
The short description of the app, displayed under the title, within 80 characters, users can click to see more. Mainly briefly introduce the most prominent functions of the app, similar to the logo and subtitles in Apple ASO. This section is used as a supplement to the title keywords, keyword appearance> density.

5. Long Description
The long description of the app. The length of 4000 characters means that it is best for developers to include all keywords. In particular, the keywords located in the first sentence and the end have a greater influence on the weight.
Long description focus: 1. Fill to the maximum extent, 3000-3500 characters is best
2. Localization of each language
3. Introduce the biggest features of the app
4. If there is an award, you can take it out and brag about it
5. Attach social media links

32-bit PNG format, 512pxX512px, no more than 1024k. As the visual impression of the user's first contact with the app, icon is self-evident. In addition to being suitable for the app itself, Icon needs to adapt to the aesthetic tastes of foreigners, so I won't repeat them here. Google Play has the function of A / B test, so you can design different icons to test the icon intake.

7. Application cover
Browse on the search page and click on the application to jump to the application page. The picture on the top of the page is the application cover. If a video is added, the top picture will be replaced by the video. 24-bit JPEG or png format, 1024px (width) X500px (height).

8. Video
If you add a video, the cover is automatically replaced.

9. Screenshot
A maximum of 8 screenshots and a minimum of 2 screenshot previews can be added. 24-bit JPEG or png format, size range 320px ~ 3840px, the maximum size of screenshots cannot exceed twice the minimum size. It is not necessarily a screenshot of the app, but also a picture describing the characteristics of the app.