A little over a year ago, a browser product called "Three Nothing" called "Alook" attracted about 30w users to download (iOS) in just one day. This product's main "three noble" refers to No push, no news, no ads, so although this is a paid product, there are many loyal users. Recently, Alibaba ’s free and minimalist browser platform "Quark" has been well received by users, and its performance has been very prominent. It has continuously occupied the top of the App Store tool free list for a week, and the estimated downloads have also risen rapidly.
In fact, in the face of today's increasingly "bloated" browser products, users will prefer products with a simple interface, no ads, small memory footprint, and smooth use.
"Quark" has been on the App Store as early as October 2016, featuring a minimalist high-speed free browser. In the development process in the following years, although some products have continuously incorporated new functional modules in order to expand the user boundaries of their platforms, and some products have increased advertising space to realize monetization, "Quark" has always insisted on free, advertising-free The model is precisely this "counter-current" model that attracts many new users and the retention of old users.

After opening "Quark", you can see directly its very simple main interface, only the "Quark" logo and search bar.

When users use "quark" to search, the first page of search results will directly display the content that is most relevant to the user's search content, and the subsequent content will be displayed according to relevance. In these content displays, there are no ads and some unrelated things displayed. It is convenient for users to directly meet their needs, convenient and efficient.
In fact, although "quark" looks very concise, it actually contains many functions. "Quark", with technical support from Alibaba, has launched an "AI application", covering translation, learning, network disks, life services, AI black technology, etc. For example, users can directly enter text, voice, Take photos and translate to get the content, and you can also listen to listening and practice speaking in this module.
And "Quark" also connects with many apps, allowing users to directly access the content of their products without downloading these products directly in "Quark". Not only are Ali's "Book Flag Novels", "Taobao", "Youku Videos", "Flying Pigs", "Shrimp Music" and so on, but also "Douban", "Weibo", "Zhuhu", "B Station "and so on.
For example, when users use the shortcut function, they can directly view the hot search status of the three products "Quark", "Zhuhu" and "Weibo" in the hot search list, and they can directly click the interface to view the details.

("Quark" hot search display)
Dig deep into user needs, and the minimalist model may become a trend!
Not only browsers, in this era of information bombing, when users are reading news, listening to books, etc., they also hope that they can get the content they want very conveniently, improve work efficiency, and reduce losses. According to iResearch data, over 60% of users are willing to use a minimalist mobile browser. At the same time, over 60% of users are willing to recommend others to use a minimalist mobile browser.
It is also because of the increased demand from users that many products have begun to adopt new features or new products using this minimalist model of the browser. The most direct manifestation is that many browser platforms have added advertisements. Filtering, stream saving acceleration, fast page turning and other functions.

However, it is more common to launch a professional version, a super speed version, and a simple version of the app in a minimalist mode. The speed version of the app here is not a net earning product that mainly focuses on sinking users, but an app with a small carrier, a clean interface, and retaining main functions, and a more concise model.

1. Restore the original concise settings, the "international version" launched by "Weibo"

Such as "Weibo International Version" launched by "Weibo". With the increasing number of users, "Weibo" began to add functions such as short video, live broadcast, mini-games, and list PK, and commercialized commercials began to increase. Under such circumstances, "Weibo" launched the minimalist mode "Weibo International Edition", which hides some channels directly reflected in "Weibo" and restores the simple settings of the personal center and information interface at the beginning. Only basic functions are left, and the number of advertisements is reduced. Sometimes, even users do not see the existence of advertisements in the "Weibo International Version".

2. Screen high-quality users, the news information platform launches "Professional Edition"

In addition, there are also many paid professional editions launched, such as "Today's Toutiao Professional Edition". Compared with "Today's Toutiao", "Toutiao Professional" has a simpler interface and more obvious personalized settings. Although "Toutiao Professional Edition" is a paid product, users can purchase it for only one yuan. For users who want to make full use of fragmented time to obtain effective information, the threshold is lower.

According to the keyword "Professional Edition", Qimai Research Institute screened 60 products with high relevance to the App Store. It was found that 75% of the news app professional editions are paid products, and the payment range is 1 yuan to 6 yuan. And so on, 83.3% of the products are priced at 1 yuan.

And the introduction of this paid professional version is not only to meet the needs of users to improve efficiency, but also to further select a batch of high-quality vertical users to further monetize the product.

For a product, whether it is the launch of a product or the improvement of its functions, it revolves around its own target users. If it can satisfy its own users to the greatest extent, the retention rate of users will actually increase. In addition, in the subsequent operation of the product, developers can also initiate relevant activities through the official operation account to attract users, interact with users, and increase user enthusiasm.