April App Store news review
1. The new financial report will be released to App Store Connect

Starting in April 2020, developers can obtain more detailed information about the final revenue of the app and in-app purchases, including the transaction and settlement date of the purchase and the transaction state or province in the United States and Canada. Simply download the "All Countries or Regions (Detailed)" report in the iTC background.
2. Impending price and tax changes in Barbados, Malaysia, Moldova and Uzbekistan

Due to the new VAT, the price of apps on the App Store and in-app purchases (excluding automatically updated subscriptions) in Barbados, Moldova and Uzbekistan will change. Malaysia introduced low value-added tax, the price on the App Store will not change, but the developer income will be adjusted accordingly.
After these changes take effect, the "Pricing and Availability" section of "My App" will be updated, and developers can change the app price and in-app purchases at any time in the iTC background.

3. HealthKit guidelines update
On April 20th, Apple updated the HealthKit guidelines on the developer website, indicating that the application can provide valuable health-related insights to users together with Apple Health, and the updated "HealthKit Human Machine Interface Guide" includes the use of Apple Health Guidelines for icons, guidelines for editing using terms related to Apple Health, and guidelines for privacy and data usage.

For more detailed interpretation, you can view the article "HealthKit Guidelines Update, Health Fitness, Medical App Focus on! Adaptation is constrained, it is enough to pay attention to 3 aspects? 》
4. The App Store officially expanded 20 new countries / regions on April 21

The 20 additional countries are as follows: Afghanistan, Gabon, Côte d’ Ivoire, Georgia, Maldives, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Myanmar, Nauru, Rwanda, Tonga, Zambia, Vanuatu. Currently, developers can distribute apps to 175 countries and regions on the App Store.

It is recommended that developers who have not set the "App automatically released to all new countries / regions" in the iTC background enter the background settings as soon as possible to ensure that they seize the opportunity.

5. Russian ASM is now open

On April 27th, Apple announced that Apple Search Ads (Apple Search Ads) new open area-Russia, can now start creating related ads, is expected to be officially launched on May 4th.

At the same time, the background of Apple's bidding advertisements has also been updated. When copying keywords, it can be copied to multiple keyword groups or bidding plans at the same time.

6. iPhone SE2 full platform sales exceeded the million mark

According to public data, iPhone sales in China in April increased by 21% year-on-year, more than tripled from February, which means that iPhone sales in China may decline by only 1% in the second fiscal quarter. Cook bluntly said that Apple's sales began to recover after a sharp decline from the end of March to early April, thanks to new products such as iPad Pro, iPhone SE and MacBook Air, especially the new iPhone SE, there was a shortage of supply, iPhone SE2 JD.com The sales volume broke 17w, and the sales volume of the entire platform has exceeded the million mark.
April App Store data overview

1. App Store Add / Remove App Number

In April 2020, the App Store listed a total of 41,810 products, and a total of 46,988 products were removed from the store. The number of products removed from the store was significantly reduced compared with March.

Among the newly added apps, games, tools, business, life, education, food and beverage apps have the largest number; among the off-the-shelf products, games apps have the largest number of off-the-shelf, totaling 7415, followed by business and lifestyle apps, education , Tools, and tourism apps decrease in order.

2. Monthly statistics of April audit cycle

The App Store review time in April was significantly reduced compared with March, with an average review time of 15.36h; the average review time on weekdays was 15.09h, which was 2.48h less than the average review time in March.
3. Monthly ranking of rejected clauses in April

The most rejected clauses in April were Clause 2.1 (App Completion Degree), accounting for 31.68%, followed by Clause 2.3 (Accurate Metadata), accounting for 19.63%, which basically occupied the top two rejected clauses; Clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchase items) ranked third, accounting for 7.59%; Clause 5.1.1 (data collection and storage), Clause 2.5 (software requirements), and Clause 4.3 (duplicate apps) are also the most rejected class. From this point of view, Apple has strengthened the review of Article 3.1.1 (in-app purchase items). Regarding the precautions and over-skills for in-app purchases, developers can pass the "Poison of 3.1.1?" Thank you for the in-app purchase payment process & 5 review techniques! 》 View.
4. April audited title / subtitle statistics

Among the audited titles in April, the main titles had the largest number of titles in the 1-5 character interval, a total of 19558, followed by the titles in the 6-10 character interval, a total of 11024, and the number of titles with more than 11 characters was relatively Less, the intervals of long characters decrease in sequence; in the subtitles, the title character intervals are mainly concentrated in the two intervals of 6-10 and 11-15, with 9099 and 7029, respectively, and the number of titles in other intervals is relatively small.
In the frequency of the title words reviewed, the keyword "platform" still has the highest frequency, with a frequency of 3215 times, accounting for 10.71%. The second most used ones are "games", "management", "life", "learning", "video", "software", "services", "assistants" and "intelligence". The above 10 keywords are frequently used in App names.
5. April keyword ranking optimization trend of compliance rate

In April, the average keyword compliance rate was 84.5%, the highest rate was 91%, and the lowest rate on April 28 was 78%. Overall, the compliance rate is higher at the beginning of the month than at the end of the month.

6. Analysis of the App Store Hot Search List in April and April

In April, a total of 974,056 products were displayed in the "Explore more + Recommended for you" list, accounting for 98.27%, the largest proportion; "Top Search" and "Recommended for you" both recommended 8,597 products, accounting for 0.87 %.
The Seven Wheat Research Institute mentioned earlier that there has been no recommendation record for the exploration App + exploration game and popular search display form since February 21, and the gap between the recommendation amount of the other two hot search lists in March and March is very different. See the "Exploration App + Exploration Game" list display form. The proportion of "Top Search" is consistent with "Recommended for you". It is speculated that the App Store may cancel the "Exploration App + Exploration Game" hot search display form. Seven Wheat Research Institute will continue to observe, Any changes will be synchronized at the first time.

Among the products on the list, the number of games is up to 17,478, which is quite different from other product categories on the list, followed by photography and video, efficiency, and shopping. The number of products on the list is 3000+, as are education, business, entertainment, and life. There are several categories on the list.