1. Nearly 30,000 apps were removed from App Store on August 1, and game apps accounted for nearly 90%
On August 1st, a large-scale delisting event occurred in the App Store in China. Over 30,000 apps were delisted on that day, including 26,962 game apps, accounting for nearly 90%. On July 8th, Apple sent a reminder email to some game developers: before July 31st, no payment/in-app purchase game version information will be submitted. After July 31st, the game will no longer be available in the App Store China Used on. Through analysis and comparison, it is found that most of the game apps that were removed on August 1 do not have a version number, and only some game apps such as "xxx fruit" have a version number. The time node and App type of the delisting event coincides with the new version number regulations that Apple is implementing.
2. The new App Attest API can verify the integrity of the app
On August 3, Apple’s developer website announced that the new App Attest API is part of the DeviceCheck service, which helps prevent apps on iOS 14 or later from security threats and reduce fraud on the services provided by developers Sexual use. Before the server provides access to sensitive data, developers can use App Attest to generate a special encryption key on the device and use it to verify the integrity of the App.
3. App Store keyword coverage algorithm adjustment
On August 13, there was an abnormal phenomenon in the App keyword coverage list of Qimai Data. The keyword coverage of a large number of apps increased by hundreds or even thousands, and many apps also appeared in batches at the same time. The phenomenon of reduction. Some apps showed signs of recovery after the keywords were reduced. It is suspected that Apple adjusted the App Store keyword coverage algorithm, which caused a significant change in the keyword coverage of some apps.
4. App Store news categories disappear
On August 21, the App ranking in the App Store news category was abnormal, and the ranking has not been updated since August 21. Some news app developers received email notifications from Apple and made adjustments, such as transferring their own apps to categories such as reference and life.
5. iTC backend can provide App Clip
On August 21st, after entering the "My App" page of the iTC background, a message about the new features of the light app appeared: new features! Light App Experience-Light App can provide a simple and smooth instant experience, helping users complete daily tasks in real-world scenarios.
6. Create web extensions for Safari browser
On August 27th, with the help of the WebExtensions API — Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers also use this API — developers can add custom features to Safari 14 beta through the Safari web extension. With the new conversion tools in Xcode 12 Beta, developers can quickly introduce existing extensions into the Safari browser and make them available in the Mac App Store this fall.
7. App Review process update
On August 31st, Apple updated the App Review process. For apps that are already on the App Store, unless legal issues are involved, updates to bug fixes will not be delayed due to violations of the guidelines. Developers can resolve violations of the guidelines the next time they submit an update. Now, in addition to appeals about whether the app violates the guidelines, developers can also suggest changes to the guidelines.
8. WWDC20 video has provided simplified Chinese subtitles
On August 31st, Apple announced that the WWDC20 special event keynote speech, Platforms State of the Union, and more than 200 keynote speeches at this year's Apple Global Developers Conference are all equipped with simplified Chinese subtitles. Related videos can be viewed on the developer website, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.
August App Store data overview
1. Business apps became the most newly added categories in August, and the number of games off the shelves increased again
In August 2020, a total of 39,260 products were listed on the App Store, and a total of 95,215 products were removed from the shelves. Compared with July, the number of removed products increased significantly.
Among the newly added apps, business, weather, tools, travel, sports, and social apps accounted for the largest proportion. The top 6 categories of new apps were added in August. This is the first time this year that there is no game category in the newly added Top 6 category. Phenomenon: Among the delisted products, game apps have the largest number of delisted apps, 39,412 in total, a sharp increase compared to July. This is mainly due to the fact that a large number of game apps were removed from the shelves after Apple implemented the new game version number regulations in early August, only 8. Over 30,000 apps were removed from the shelves on 1st, of which game apps accounted for nearly 90%. In addition, education, life, tools, business, and entertainment apps have been removed from the shelves in August.
2. Shortened audit time in August and improved efficiency
The App Store audit time in August has been shortened compared to July. The average audit time is 16.20h, and the average workday audit time is 13.92h, which shows that the audit efficiency has improved.
3. Monthly ranking of rejected terms in August
In August, the most rejected clauses were still clause 2.1 (App completion), accounting for 27.02%; clause 2.3 (accurate metadata) followed by number, accounting for 14.91%; clause 5.1.1 (data collection and storage) Ranked third, accounting for 9.32%. Clause 4.8 (login through Apple), clause 4 (design), and clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchase items) are also the most rejected categories.
4. Statistics of title/subtitle reviewed in August
Among the titles reviewed in August, the main title had the largest number of titles in the 1-5 character interval, totaling 17,725, followed by the titles in the 6-10 character interval, totaling 10,133; in the subtitles, the title character interval was mainly concentrated In the 6-10 and 11-15 intervals, there are 8974 and 6695 respectively.
In the frequency of over-reviewed titles, the keyword "platform" still appears frequently, with a frequency of 3084, accounting for 10.61%. Secondly, "game", "learning", "management", "life", "video", "assistant", "service", "software", and "intelligence" are used more frequently. The above 10 keywords are frequently used in the App name.
Change trend of keyword ranking optimization compliance rate in May and August
In August, the average compliance rate of keyword ranking optimization was 84.61%, which was relatively stable compared with the average compliance rate of 86.8% in July. The highest compliance rate on August 4 and August 6 was 90%, and the lowest compliance rate on August 3 and August 15 was 79%.
Analysis of App Store Hot Search List in June and August
There were 6,738 products on the hot search list in August, which was a slight decrease compared with the 6,146 products in July, but the decline was relatively stable. Among them, the number of games is the largest, with a total of 3117 items, and the application products that have been on the hot search list did not appear in any category with more than one thousand in August.