A tool product "Color Widgets", launched on September 17th, rose by 86 places in a single day to the top 1 list of free apps in the App Store yesterday (September 21), with estimated downloads per day Breaking 26w+. The main function of the product is to solve the problem of the inability to color and change the background in the widget function of the new iOS14 system.
At the same time, Qimai Research Institute found that since the official version of iOS14 was released last week, a variety of apps that support Widgets, such as clock, timekeeping, calendar, weather, etc., have seen a significant increase in rankings. According to observations , Its downloads also increased at the same time, and the growth is gratifying.
1. The role of social platforms is prominent
After the official version of the iOS14 system was released, many users began to share strategies on how to use widget functions and how to design layouts on major social platforms. At present, the topic of #iOS14小Component# has been posted on Weibo’s hot search, with 180 million readings and 26,000 discussions. In the topic, you can see that many users are sharing their favorite groups with each other. Apps and strategies for customizing widgets, etc. Some people even display favorite stars on the screen in the form of widgets. This star effect has also caused many users to follow suit.
In addition, in the Zhihu platform, the question of "How does iOS14 make the desktop look better?" has also caused more than 70w of page views. The iOS14 widget on the Douyin platform has also become a hot topic, with a popularity of 631.9w and related videos Thousands.
Judging from the popularity of iOS14 widgets in major social platforms, users still pay very high attention to widgets. The spread of social platforms also provides a wider source of users for apps that support widget functions. Therefore, there are not a few users upgrading the system to experience new features.
2. Apple sets up multiple special recommendations
After the official version of iOS14 was launched, Apple not only recommended the widget App in the Today topic of the App Store, but also recommended it in the topic of "iOS14 Featured Apps" in the "App" tab. In addition, when you search for keywords such as "widgets" in the App Store, thematic recommendations of "super useful widgets" will appear.
As we all know, when an App is recommended by Apple, it has a chance to win a large number of effective exposure opportunities for the product, thereby gaining more traffic. After the arrival of the new iOS14 system or new features, some developers with a keen sense of smell first adapted the small component functions according to the characteristics of the product, thus obtaining Apple's recommendation and seizing a wave of bonuses.
Qimai Research Institute has observed that in addition to products with advantages in display such as clocks, calendars, and weather, the office software "WPS Office" has also been updated in the latest version for multiple functions of iOS14 widget functions. Among them, This includes support for adding recent documents, shared documents, and starred documents to the desktop widget.
At present, everyone’s attention to widgets is very high, not only has caused heated discussions among users, but also has been recommended by Apple in the App Store. Developers who have adapted widgets can try to actively recommend themselves to Apple , Products without adaptation can be adapted according to product characteristics.
Which iOS14 new features may become the next hottest?
Among the many new features of iOS14, the widget is only one of them. Following the popularity of the widget, which new features will become the next hot item?
1. Hidden explosions in the new features of iOS14
Qimai Research Institute found that the App Store currently recommends the topic "Get to know the new features of iOS14" in the Today topic. In this topic, in addition to the already popular widgets, it also recommends Game Center, custom Apple watch dials, Picture-in-picture, 4 new functions via Apple login.
In the "Games" tab of the App Store, Game Center has been individually recommended. According to the recommendation information, Game Center will be redesigned to include the friends list, the list of players who have played with the game recently, and the achievements in the game. The key information is put into the same interface. Game developers who have already adapted can actively recommend themselves to Apple to gain more exposure for the product.
In the "App" tab of the App Store, apps that adapt to watchOS 7 are also recommended.
In addition to the above features that have recommended topics, the "NetEase Yanxuan" App has clearly shown in the latest update version record that the product supports App Clips. Shops can purchase without queuing and waiting. You can purchase by scanning the code. App Clips can download the App quickly and receive discounts to guide users to download the main App.
Judging from the App Store's recommendations for multiple new features of the iOS14 system, in addition to the already popular widget functions, other features such as App Clips and Picture-in-Picture are also likely to become the next screen-sweeping social network functions. Developers can seize the opportunity to consider adapting to the new features brought by the iOS14 system based on product features and R&D capabilities. For example, the picture-in-picture function, video products can be emphatically considered. When Apple recommends a feature, you can actively recommend yourself.
2. Adapt to Apple's new regulations and have the opportunity to be recommended
In addition to the new features of the iOS14 system, there is another recommendation worthy of attention in Apple's strong recommendation this time: that is, Apple has made a key recommendation for apps that are adapted to the login through Apple.
With the release of the new system, Apple has once again upgraded user privacy. In the iOS14 system, "Log in with Apple" can help users log in quickly and securely in apps that support this function, and users can retain their existing accounts. , And can remember one less password at the same time. At present, the App Store has recommended separate sections for some apps that support the "Log in with Apple" function. For products that have been adapted, developers can also actively contact Apple to recommend themselves.