We know that the optimization of the ASO application store is mainly to help the App gain higher exposure in the application store. Through the increase in the number of APP coverage and keyword search rankings, it improves product traffic and downloads conversion rates, thereby acquiring more natural users, including download users and paying users Super R users.

Before doing ASO optimization, we need to understand Apple App weights, ASO optimization and App weights affect each other. Android and Apple have the same weight. The higher the weight, the higher the download, the higher the ranking, and the weight represents the download amount and future achievements of an app.

Text and value are internal factors that affect the weight of the app?

Influencing factors of app weight

For external factors, we must seize the stages of the new launch and version update. These two stages are optimized to achieve the effect of doing more with less. There are three aspects that affect internal factors:

1. Text: Title, subtitle, keywords, developer field, application description.

2. Numerical aspects: downloads (purchases), praises (praises), DAU, retention rate, duration of use, paid conversions, detail page download rate, search volume, search result click rate.

3. Other aspects: the number of historical recommendations, the quality of the developer (giant, big factory, central enterprise), the application update cycle, whether the application/account has any violations, whether it is a vest, whether the plot is serious, whether the content of the app is the same, the quality situation, App brand, whether the icon is beautiful, whether the details page pictures, videos show highlights, whether the product type is more recognized by Apple.

From the perspective of App weights, ASO is not a simple list or ranking. The basic optimization of the App (name, main and subtitle, icon, screenshot, video, keywords, comments) is also important. There are new conversions that increase daily activity, which in turn affects weight rankings.

Furthermore, the optimization of ASO basic data is actually around the work of renewing and promoting attention. In a dazzling array of app stores, attention is the most scarce resource. Where there is attention, there are useful resources. Products that attract attention will have download conversions and money flow.

Quickly win users through the title, ICO, screenshot, video, description and comment optimization

1, Name + Subtitle

Optimization focus: product characteristics + ASO = high conversion + 0 cost

Summary of the following points:

1) The app name should be easy to remember, reflect functions, and have unique features. 2 ~ 4 Chinese characters or 1 ~ 3 English words

2) Do a better elaboration on the app name

3) Can reflect new features and differences

4) One easy word

5) The most important keywords, ranking words, title words, and characters can be repeated

6) The main and subtitle of product category should not exceed 10 words, and the main and subtitle of the game category should not exceed 8 words

7) Pay attention to adding the product name in the main title, and the subtitle can be more lively

8) iOS12 subtitles have search weight and should be paid attention to. Subtitles should highlight the unique features of App products.

9) Australian English, British English, and American English, the main subtitles can be written in core industry words, but pay attention to smooth

Regarding the number of words in the main and subtitles, if there is a problem in the review, you can consider reducing the number of words. Therefore, 10 words in the application category and 8 words in the game category are the safest.

Let's take a look at some genres of titles:

1) Emphasize content and advantages.

Netease Cloud Music Main Title: The Power of Music; Subtitle: Listen to Songs and Comment with over 600 Million Interesting People

Douyin Main Title: Douyin Short Video; Subtitle: Recording a Good Life

The above all highlight the main content or advantages and are suitable for apps with relatively single functions or services.

2) List multiple keywords.

58 in the same city, main title: job hunting, job hunting and renting net; subtitle: 58 renting season, helping you to increase your salary and pay for a good house!

Himalayan main title: comic storytelling by FM Radio Listening Community of the Himalayan FM; subtitle: 530 million people's audio library.

The main and sub headings have a lot to do with the product features and features. 58 The city provides a wide range of services. Himalayan covers a variety of audio content, so listing more keywords can effectively improve keyword coverage and improve App ranking.

3) The main industry word is the general word and the brand word is placed after.