【ASO】 Why is the ASO keyword ranking down?

  • 2020-01-28 07:59
As we all know, one of the cores of ASO is Search. In the case of high list cost / high risk, keyword optimization is a long-term and stable method of carrying volume. TOP3 keywords take more than 70% of traffic, which means that this is the battleground for exposure.

Therefore, whenever there is a decline in the ranking of the core keywords, the hearts of developers and operations will always be raised. After all, this is a real loss of traffic.

Then after several years of ASO optimization, some of the reasons for the decline in keyword rankings are very common and have been verified by various parties. Today I will introduce these situations to everyone.

1. Apple adjusts the list or adjusts the algorithm

Why separate the tuning list from the tuning algorithm? Because the two situations are very different both in terms of cause and performance.

Adjusting the list may be for a certain keyword, or for a certain product or a certain type of product. It is an intervention mechanism. When Apple thinks that the ranking of this keyword is abnormal, it will make a small adjustment, which is why the ranking is adjusted.

The specific performance of the ranking can be seen intuitively from the "keyword search result change rate" of the data website. When the keyword "irregular" high rate of change appears, it is likely that Apple has adjusted the list.

Change rate graph-111.jpg

As shown in the figure above, it can be observed from the hourly and daily changes that the keyword list on November 23 fluctuates irregularly and is very frequent, and the keywords on the day have been delayed and partially adjusted.

Adjusting the algorithm will generally cause larger keyword fluctuations than adjusting the list, and the scope will be wider, and it is likely to include more than 90% of apps.

The specific performance is that the keywords that have not changed in the long-term TOP10 ranking suddenly appear in the App that was listed 2-3 months ago, and the App does not perform ASO optimization behavior. This is a manifestation of algorithm adjustment or backtracking.

Similarly, when the ranking of a certain keyword suddenly rises/falls to the ranking of a certain period of time, and the same situation occurs in the ranking of other apps under the keyword, then the change caused by the algorithm adjustment is a sudden situation. , Generally unpredictable, only through long-term optimization of stable rankings to protect the ranking of key keywords.

2. Weibang failed

The hotter the keywords, the more regular and long-term maintenance is required. Sometimes the magnitude estimation is not accurate, or the optimization effect is not good, which will also cause the ranking to decline. This is also the angle we most often consider: Is there a problem with the amount of effect?

This tests the optimizer's control over the quality of each channel. Not only does it need to identify the quality of the task volume of each channel, but it also needs to pull the data to check the IP, model and activation time of the data every day, and consider how to ensure that the task is completed normally.

For example, if you run a large number of tasks quickly, the keyword coverage and ranking will decrease. Then you can consider whether to slow down the task.

Or, if the data of a certain model is abnormal recently, then this part of users can be properly shielded during the launch and the effect can be observed again.

3. Poor conversion

When the product reaches the position, it cannot maintain the ranking for a long time ...

Or the same keyword, the cost of maintaining the product list of product B is much greater than that of product A ...

You need to ask yourself a few questions at this time:

Our keyword rankings have risen. How about a new performance?

If the new performance does not meet expectations, is the product's conversion guidance insufficient?

Are our titles, subtitles, promotional text, screenshots attractive?

Are our keywords and promotional texts relevant? Will it make users feel that "the donkey's lips are not right?"

Because, the appearance of this situation is likely to be the product's "bad performance" in this keyword, and the weight of the product in this keyword will be reduced!

Therefore, optimization must also take into account the product itself. Exposure is important, but don't underestimate the impact of metadata.

After all, we used to have a product. Just replacing the screenshots, the natural addition increased by 50%.

4. Intense competition

This is also one of the most prone situations. Different industries have different off-season and peak seasons, and the corresponding competition situation is also different.

A 6500 hot word may be maintained every other day during the low season, and 700CPA can maintain the position of TOP2; in high season, 700CPA may not be able to enter TOP5, which is the cruel and ruthless competition.

Therefore, it is also necessary for your operating partner

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