【ASO】 Top 10 reasons why the Apps was rejected, How to solve the problem?

  • 2019-10-19 12:35
2.3 Accurate metadata

Official explanation: Users should know what they get when they download or purchase your app, so make sure the app's description, screenshots, and previews accurately reflect the app's core experience, and remember to keep updating to keep up with the new version. The latest status.

Reasons for general refusal: Apple has this decision mainly because the application title, description, screenshots, etc. are seriously inconsistent with App features. If you use an Android phone screenshot or a screenshot of the browser, it will cause a refusal.

Solution: Ensure that your title and subtitle meet the requirements. Recently, Apple has changed all the direction of the title review, and developers need to pay attention to it. In addition, if the title is consistent, it is necessary to consider replacing the metadata such as screenshots and preview videos to ensure that the App functions and processes are consistent with the related display. Be sure to remove the hidden function module code. If there is a code that needs to hide the function and the directional jump link URL, it is recommended to perform obfuscation and increase the logic complexity.

2.1 App completion

Official explanation: Applications submitted to App Review (including available for booking) should be the final version of the app and should include all necessary metadata and valid URLs. All placeholder text, blank sites, and other temporary content should be removed before submission. Before submitting the app, be sure to test the error and stability of the app on your device; if your app requires a login, please provide demo account information (and open your background service!). If you have an in-app purchase in your app, make sure the reviewer can see it and make sure it’s complete and up to date, otherwise please explain the reason in the review note. Please do not consider App Review as a software testing service. We will reject incomplete app bundles and binaries that will crash or have obvious technical issues.

Reasons for general refusal: Applicable files cannot be crashed, loaded, and other obvious bugs; App does not support IPv6 network use; test account; hidden switch and other operations.

Solution: Developers must test the product in advance for bugs, whether it can be used under IPV6 network, etc. If the regulations are rejected, it is recommended to reply one by one and clarify that there are no violations.

3.1.1 App Purchase Project

Official explanation: If you want to unlock features or features within the app (unlocked by: subscription, in-game currency, game level, access to premium content, or unlock the full version, etc.), you must use an in-app purchase. Apps must not use their own mechanisms to unlock content or features such as license keys, augmented reality tags, QR codes, and more. App and corresponding metadata must not contain buttons, external links, or other call-to-action phrases that direct customers to purchase using non-app purchase project mechanisms.

App can provide in-app purchase currency for customers to “reward” digital content providers within the app.

All points and game currency purchased through in-app purchases must not expire, and you should ensure that a recovery mechanism is designed for all recoverable in-app purchases.

Be sure to specify the correct purchaseable type or your app will be rejected.

The app can enable the gift feature for the content of its in-app purchases. Refunds for such gifts can only be returned to the original purchaser and the gift content cannot be replaced.

Apps distributed through the Mac App Store can host plugins or extensions based on non-App Store mechanisms.

App offering a “trophy box” or other random virtual item purchase mechanism must disclose the probability of each type of item being disclosed to the customer before the customer purchases.

Non-subscription apps can provide a free, free trial period by providing a full unlock option by setting a non-consumable IAP item in "Price Level 0" and naming it according to the naming convention "XX Day Trial". Before starting the trial, the app must clearly indicate the duration of the trial period, the content or services that are no longer accessible after the trial period ends, and any subsequent charges that the user will have to pay for full functionality. Learn more about how to use the receipt (in English) and device check (in English) to manage content access and trial duration.

Reasons for general refusal: mainly due to access to third-party payment in the app, such as Alipay, WeChat, etc.

Solution: Honestly use Apple's own payment method to display it in the form of in-app purchase. If you hide the virtual product or change the payment method afterwards, there is a risk of being removed and sold.

2.5 Software Requirements

General refusal reason: mainly caused by the violation code in the app.

Solution: It is very likely that the three-party library contains the SDK, you can update all the three-party libraries, or decompile the submitted ipa, check whether there are violation strings in the document, and delete them if you have any.

3.1.2 Subscription

Reasons for general refusal: Mainly due to the fact that the subscription information in the app is not clearly described or not reflected in the obvious location.

Solution: Make sure the description in the application is clear and that the description is in the same interface as the user actually purchased the subscription product.

5.1.1 Data collection and storage

Reasons for general refusal: mainly App enforces user registration, and secretly collects/shares personal information of users based on functions that do not require user information. After the WWDC conference, Apple paid more attention to it, and developers need to pay special attention.

Solution: You need to negotiate with the user first, and let the user agree to register. If you have the "strong login" function, you must change it to the version that prompts you to log in. In addition, some functions for recalling data need to ask the user for advice, so that Apple does not authorize unauthorized mobile phone information by default.

3.2.2 Unacceptable

Reasons for general refusal: The App has incentives for users to complete certain things, such as advertising, point rewards, or point redemption.

Solution: It is recommended to ensure that the App does not entice the user function, remove the reward, or process the concept of completing the task to get rewards, otherwise Apple will induce the user behavior by default.

1.2 User-generated content

Reasons for general refusal: For social products, or products with strong UGC content (such as Weibo, Today's headlines, post bars, etc.), Apple requires developers to filter offensive content (such as violence, pornography, infringement, etc.); And provide a strict review mechanism and detailed developer contact information.

Solution: It is recommended to ensure that the user content in the app does not contain violence, pornography, etc. At the same time, according to the information collected so far, “active phone communication” can only be applied for the 1.2 clause, so the developer refuses to review the relevant terms. You can try to apply for telephone communication.

5.2 Intellectual Property

Reasons for general refusal: App does not authorize the use of copyrighted third-party materials; in addition, the App is not similar to Apple's existing products. At WWDC19, after Apple's own software update, developers are advised to check their products and differentiate their apps from Apple products.

Solution: It is recommended to ensure that the app only contains content that was created or licensed. When submitting a product, use a copyrighted third party to provide evidence.

1.1 offensive content

Reasons for general refusal: The app is offensive, disregarding the feelings of others, disturbing, disgusting, or vulgar content.

Solution: It is recommended to review the mechanism. At present, the national policy is also very concerned. It is recommended to ensure the content security and timely handle the relevant display content. There must be no luck.

User Advisory Terms

3.2.1 Acceptable business model

Reason for general refusal: The App has no relevant qualifications.

Solution: The best solution is definitely to get the corresponding business qualifications. Of course, if there is no relevant qualification, it is recommended that you send as much evidence as possible about your company's compliance to Apple, and get Apple's approval. If there is no relevant evidence, it is an operation to change the new account and take a chance to get on the shelf. It is a method that can be tried when it is a last resort. It is not very recommended.

4.3 Repeat App

Reasons for general refusal: The general meaning is that the app is similar to the app function or code that others have put on the shelf. Popularly speaking, it is the vest bag that Apple thinks.

Solution: It can be solved by modifying the name, icon, main color, code, etc. The focus is on the code. Also note that the same App package submission is at least one day apart. Don't pick up n packages of the same type, so it's easy to be recognized and eye-catched by Apple.

4.2 Minimum functional requirements

Reasons for general refusal: Apple believes that the uploaded app is not functional enough, or does not have its own core features. For example, directly packaging a product on a web page can easily trigger this problem.

Solution: You can add some feature-rich products (navigation bar, pull-down refresh, push notification, etc.). If you feel that the function is complete and have not passed the review, you can explain to Apple the user needs of the product and the display of specific functions. You can also directly send a screenshot of the web page and the app to Apple, so that Apple can better distinguish it.

5.1.5 Location Service

Reasons for general refusal: The App does not allow permission to share the collected user data with third parties, and does not specify the purpose of use, such as location, account number, etc.

Solution: If you want to take user data information, you need to give the user a prompt, and get the user's permission, or set to optional, and clearly tell Apple to collect the user data information for the purpose of use. In general, it is necessary to pop up a prompt to explain what is the use of this permission, and need to be informed to both the user and the provider (Apple).

Of course, if Apple clearly gives the reason for the rejection in the email, it can be modified according to the feedback from Apple. To ensure that the attitude is correct and timely, if there is no mistake, you can directly appeal, and it is recommended to produce strong evidence to prove that it will improve the speed of trial.

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