【ASO】 Repeated apps become review focus

  • 2020-01-28 03:09
1.Apple's 2019 annual app and game list released

On December 3, Apple released its latest list of selected apps and games for 2019. Among them, the iPhone App of the Year 2019 is "Spectre Camera", the iPad App of the Year 2019 is "Flow Presented by Moleskine", the Mac App of the Year is "Affinity Publisher", the iPhone Game of the Year is "Light · Meet", and the iPad Game of the Year is "Hyper Light Drifter" ", The Mac game of the year is" GRIS. "

2. Apple receives Touch ID patent under the screen: both Mac and iPhone will be used

Apple filed a patent application for touch ID under the screen with the US Patent and Trademark Office in March 2019, and has now obtained this patent. Touch ID on the newly released MacBook Pro 16 has been identified using an optical sensor.

3.Apple will provide "surprise" on the App Store from December 24th to 29th

According to foreign media reports, Apple will provide users with more holiday gifts about App Store promotions. From December 24th to December 29th, Apple will offer "surprises" on the App Store every day.

4. iPhone user churn rate rises, from 5% to 9%

Analyst Nehal Chokshi wrote in a report to customers: "The survey data shows that the number of iPhone users churn is rising, which is worrying." From the installed user base, the churn rate has increased from 5% to 9%; this indicates 9% Of iPhone users plan to abandon Apple products. The inflow rate is 7%, which is lower than the 13% obtained in the 2017 survey.

December App Store data overview

1.Number of App Store App Added / Delisted

In December this year, the App Store launched a total of 36,397 products, a decrease from November; the number of products removed from the App Store totaled 71,463, which was basically the same as November.

Among the newly added apps, the number of games, tools, business, lifestyle, education, and entertainment apps was the most. Among them, the number of new games apps exceeded 5,000, followed by the number of tool apps above 4,000.

Among the removed products, the top 6 categories are games, lifestyle, education, business, tools, and entertainment. Game apps are the most removed, with a total of 12,148. Followed by life, education apps, business, tools, and entertainment apps decreased in order.

Monthly statistics for the review cycle in December and December

The App Store review time in December increased more than in November, with an average review time of 27.79h; the average workday review time was 21.45h, an increase of 7.34h compared to the average review time in November. On December 10th, Apple announced that iTunes Connect would be closed on the Christmas holiday from December 23rd to December 27th. The reason for the significant increase in the length of the December review period may be related to this.

Monthly ranking of rejected terms in March and December

The most rejected articles in December were Article 2.3 (accurate metadata), accounting for 28.83%, a slight increase from the previous month. Article 2.1 (App completeness) was the second largest, accounting for 16.44%. These two items basically occupied the top two of the rejected articles. Article 4.3 (duplicated apps) ranked third, accounting for 6.53%. Article 5.1.1 (data collection And storage), clause 2.5 (software requirements), and clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchases) are also the more rejected categories. From this point of view, Apple has stepped up its review of Article 4.3 (Repeated App), and remind developers to pay attention to the difference between products and do not upload multiple vests, otherwise it will be easily rejected.

April / December Review Title / Subtitle Statistics

Among the reviewed titles in December, the number of titles with the main title ranging from 1-5 characters was the largest, with a total of 19235, followed by the titles with 6-10 characters ranging from 11,184. The number of titles with more than 11 characters was relatively Less, the sections of long characters decrease in order; in the subtitles, the title character sections are mainly concentrated in two sections of 6-10, 11-15, 9018, 6921 respectively, and the number of titles in other sections is relatively small.

In December, the keyword “platform” still appeared the most frequently in the frequency of the title words, with 3360 occurrences, accounting for 11.06%. The second most used are "games", "management", "life", "services", "videos", "assistants", "smart", "learning", and "software". The above 10 keywords are frequently used in app names.

May and December Keyword Ranking Optimization Rate Change Trend

In December, the average rate of keyword ranking optimization was 91.9%, the highest rate was 96%, and the lowest rate on December 29 was 87%. On the whole, there is no significant fluctuation in the compliance rate at the beginning and end of the month.

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