【ASO】 Developer comprehensive strategy for IOS 13

  • 2019-10-20 01:41

After carefully studying the new ecosystem of iOS13, we will discuss it from three aspects: review guide update, performance improvement and feature update, and new App Store.

Guideline 1.3 - Children's category

1. Third-party advertisements and third-party analysis content defined by the Children's App are not allowed in the original terms. After this update, the terms clearly indicate that third-party advertising and third-party analysis can occur under certain conditions, subject to the terms and local laws;

2. Newly submitted children's apps must follow the updated guidelines immediately, and child apps already on the shelves need to be fully compliant by March 3, 2020;

3 1.3 update, while considering the developer's rights and restrictions on the display of children's App, Apple has taken into account the interests of developers.

Guideline 4.8 - Apple account login

What everyone needs to remember is:

1 Products that use a third-party account to log in need to be logged in with an Apple account at the same time;

2 If you must log in with your own product account, you need to explain the reason, indicating that only users can log in using the account applicable to the product;

3 New applications submitted to the App Store must adhere to the above principles, and applications already on the shelves must be updated by April 2020 to be compliant.

Search page update, display form changes again

Starting from the morning of September 4th, under the iOS13 beta version of China, the App Store [search] tab has been updated. Up to now, there are four display forms, and they are randomly appearing:

a. Explore App+ Explore Games

b. Explore App+ recommended for you

c. Only show for you

d. Hot search consistent with iOS12

However, the stability of the page display in the United States is the "Explore App+Explore Game" style. Although the mechanism that Apple shows is not yet known, the recommended position to update the search page is already very obvious. Before iOS13 goes online, Apple is bound to continue to adjust, so here to remind everyone to continue to pay attention to this matter.

The update page disappears and the US District Arcade appears

Arcade can be said to be the highlight of Apple's conference service project this year. It appeared in the opening session of the conference, which is enough to show Apple's attention. Arcade is currently available on the US App Store tab page and replaces the update tab. Many Chinese developers are very concerned about whether Arcade will enter China. According to the information we have collected so far, the possibility is very small.

Apple announced that Arcade will be launched in more than 150 countries on September 19 this year. Although the possibility of entering the country is very small, it is also a new opportunity for developers who go out to the game. You can focus on the content of Arcade in the sea area, organize the types of related game products, and then evaluate the local user preferences based on popular games, and develop corresponding delivery strategies.

App starts faster

Apple's official website announced that under iOS 13, the startup speed of the app is up to twice as high as before, and the space required for downloading and updating is also less. App download size is reduced by 50% and update size is reduced by 60%. Apple officially requires full adaptation of iOS13 in April next year, but according to the system update data monitored by Seven Wheat Data for several years, in general, more than half of the devices will be available within 2 months after the official release of the new iOS system. The update is complete, so it is recommended that you complete the adaptation as soon as possible so that the user can get a better experience.

Log in via Apple

With the existing Apple ID, you can quickly log in to various apps and websites without having to fill out various forms or create new ones. Just click on "Login via Apple" and use the face ID or fingerprint ID to log in. Under the iOS13 system, this is a very big innovation, and it has a great relationship with App developers. In other words, in addition to providing any third-party logins such as WeChat and QQ, the App also needs to provide the “Apple Login” option for users to choose. This new regulation also needs to be completed by April 2020.

Diablo mode

Diablo mode must be well understood by everyone. Here we emphasize that in addition to the need to actively adapt to the Diablo mode, it is highly recommended that you at least provide a screenshot of the application in Diablo mode. And developers need to consider whether their products need to adjust the color tone according to the Diablo mode to keep the usage consistent.

Arkit3 and Siri

Since the launch of Arkit in 2017, it has also affected the promotion and operation of the App. For example, for game developers, Arkit can enhance the interaction of the whole game. At the same time, the multi-person AR interactive function gives the app social attributes and is the way to get new users. The Arkit3 released this year has no new and innovative features, but the optimization of existing features also proves that this is a technology that Apple attaches great importance to. Game, design, and education App adds AR functionality within the operational range to enhance user immersion and enhance user experience. On the other hand, active use of new technologies can increase the likelihood of being recommended by Apple.

Siri is the most direct communication and the key to promoting active applications. The Apple Watch is the best way to interpret this feature and is more practical for the watchOS App.

This iPhone11 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max have a three-camera configuration, which is very worthy of attention from video app developers, such as short video and photo retouching products. On the one hand, actively adapting to Apple's new features can increase the chances of being recommended. In addition, you can increase the fun and interactivity of the product, attract users, and thus enhance the activity of the product, you can view the content related to the conference.

Apple Watch's power

This autumn conference, from the performance of Apple Watch, it is inconvenient to carry out multi-angle viewing, built-in compass and fall detection, emergency phone and other security features, is Apple's highlights. Apple has clearly continued to work on Apple Watch this year.

Some research institutions and media in the market said that Apple has reached a dominant position in the field of smart watches, accounting for more than half of the total sales of all smart watches in 2018, twice the sum of Samsung and Fitbit in the second and third places. the above. Apple's rise in the field of smart watches reminds everyone to pay more attention to the new growth opportunities brought by Apple Watch.

Developers are advised to consider the App and Apple Watch as much as possible to develop and adapt the Apple Watch App as soon as possible to expand the product usage scenarios. For the functions that mobile payment and traffic card users are very much looking forward to, developers should also prepare in advance to facilitate timely follow-up, meet user needs, and seize market opportunities.

New iPadOS

The new launch of iPadOS, coupled with the new iPad, gives this hardware the opportunity to become a bonus channel for users. Multi-tasking, multi-document processing, drag-and-drop experience, and the launch of PencilKit are all faster and more convenient for the iPad. It can be called the most sincere update of the iPad system, and realize the user's function on the iPad as much as possible. demand.

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