【ASO】 ASO optimization: how to cover 100 words?

  • 2020-01-28 08:01
1. What is 100 characters?

The background keywords added by the Apple developer when submitting an application for review can total up to 100 words, so they are called 100 characters.

One Chinese character counts one character, one punctuation counts one character, and one English letter counts one character.

2. How to write 100 characters?

Basically follow this step: analysis of product and user portraits, determine keyword categories, build a keyword library, arrange and optimize, and increase localized areas.

The App Store will split 100 characters into the smallest units and then group words. For example, if you want to cover the keywords "Meituan takeaway" and "Hungry for takeaway", you only need to fill in the keywords "美Is the group hungry?

The closer the words are, the higher the probability of being grouped. For example, "Meituan ****** is hungry? ** Takeaway" is more likely to be grouped than the former ("Meituan is hungry What takeaway ") low.

Therefore, it is recommended to put very important keywords in front of them and add commas, and other keywords do not add commas to Apple's own phrase. Fully understanding Apple's rules can reduce waste of characters and cover more words.

3. What are the categories of keywords?

Generally include brand words, industry words, core words, long tail words, competing words, irrelevant words.

Take the newly popular app "Cut Movie" as an example:

Cut-out brand words: Cut-out, Douyin, tiktok

Because Clipping belongs to the products of Douyin, the brand word of "Douying" also includes cuttings, which are keywords that should be protected in the TOP2 position to prevent competition.

The core words of editing: editing, vibrato editing, vlog, card video ...

Long-tail words for editing: video editing software, editing master-short video splicing and editing artifacts, vibrato video editing, video production-get click point special effects, video design artifacts ...

Competitive words from the cut: Kuaiying, vue, videoleap, love editing, inshot ...

Irrelevant words: personal income tax, Taobao special edition, Renrenmei TV ...

Although the above irrelevant words are more than 7000, they have low relevance to the product. Even if they are displayed in the front position, the conversion effect may not have the enthusiasm of 6000+ such as "vibrato editing" and "click video", but they are the core of the product The word is good.

Through the "cutting" example, I believe that smart friends already know the key to finding keywords: product words should cover their own App matrix, core words should cover their own product features, if they can't find it, then go for the competition Take a look in the keywords :)

4. What is increasing localization area?

You can add different versions of keywords by choosing different locales when submitting 100 characters.

Experience has shown that submitting 100 characters in English, British or English US (choose one), English, Canadian, English, Australian, and Traditional Chinese can also increase the number of keywords covered in simplified Chinese.

5. When do I need a comma? Under what circumstances do you not add a comma?

English needs to add a comma. The comma is to separate the weight of the words before and after the word. It can help the keywords before the comma to cover effectively, but it should not be added more. Generally, a maximum of 4-5 can be placed on one edition.

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