【ASO】 Are ASM and ASO really competitive?

  • 2020-01-28 03:36
Not long ago we discovered that Apple had quietly filed a trademark application for "Apple Search Ads" in China, indicating that it was only a matter of time before ASM entered the Mainland. So for the ASO, which is also the channel for the promotion of iOS products, is it a competitive relationship or a cooperative relationship between the two? Let's analyze it from many aspects.

Competition between ASM and ASO

Since ASM and ASO are both promotion channels, let ’s take a look at their respective product exposure positions.

ASM refers to the purchase of keyword search advertising spots on the App Store, and the position is the top position of the search results for the keywords being bid.

For ASO, most people do keyword search optimization. Its product exposure position is on the keyword natural search results page.

We can see that because of the existence of the ASM advertising space, the first position of the natural search results of the keywords will be squeezed to the second position, and the subsequent products and so on. Therefore, in the product exposure position, ASM will steal ASO products Partial exposure.

If the 5000 yuan before can achieve the top search results, then the same budget now can only achieve the 2nd search results, and even there may be stories, developer business cards appear on the top, causing the product to be squeezed to the second page.

For example, the first product of the natural search results in the image below is crowded to the second page. This situation may cause developers to spend part of their budget to do ASM.

ASO can boost ASM advertising data

ASO can boost ASM ad impressions

Impressions are the number of ad impressions that a product competes for. Apple will assign different proportions of impressions to auction products based on their bids and product relevance.

We can use ASO to cover keywords or optimize natural search rankings to improve product relevance and thereby increase ASM's display order of magnitude.

ASO can increase ASM conversion rates

Conversion rate is divided into click-through rate and install rate.

The click-through rate mainly depends on whether the product meets the user's needs and whether the creative is enough to attract users; the install rate is mainly affected by the content of the product detail page.

Their specific influencing factors can refer to the following table:

The titles / subtitles, icons, screenshots / videos, descriptions / promotional text, and rating comments in the table are all metadata about the product, which can be optimized through ASO to increase the conversion rate of the product.

ASM helps developers develop more granular ASO strategies

Developers who have done ASO will have a problem, that is, we can only estimate the magnitude by comparing with the magnitude of users before the promotion. We cannot know how many magnitudes we have obtained by doing ASO, and what the quality of users is, let alone Say analyze the user value brought by each keyword. This may lead to a lot of our budget being spent on words that are not very valuable.

ASM can just solve this problem. The ASM background can see the clicks and installs under keywords. If you connect with Apple API or third-party attribution tools, you can also see that each keyword brings users' retention and payment. Wait for subsequent behavioral data. Through these data, we can objectively and accurately determine the quality of keywords. When doing ASO strategy, put more budget on better quality words and get more and more valuable users.

In addition to testing keyword quality, ASM can also test the conversion rate of the material.

When uploading and optimizing screenshots and videos, we cannot know how attractive this material is to users. And ASM has the function of creating custom materials, which can create multiple material groups of different materials, or material groups of different material orders.

For example, two different material groups with different pictures can be placed at the same time. Through the conversion rate of the two material groups, selecting materials with higher conversion rates to update can not only improve the conversion rate of ASM, but also the conversion rate of the natural results of the product.

to sum up

The ASM advertising space will occupy the first place in the natural search results of keywords, so that the original first place will be squeezed to the second place, so ASM will steal some exposure of ASO products;

ASO optimization can effectively increase ASM ad exposure and user conversion rate;

ASM can help ASO test keyword quality and avoid spending unnecessary budget;

ASM's material testing can help developers to screen more favorite materials for users, which can not only improve the conversion rate of ads, but also get more natural orders of magnitude.

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