A higher ranking gives your app more exposure and brings more traffic and downloads.

So what determines whether your app features at the top of the App Store results, or the bottom?

Your App’s Title

Your keywords in the App Store are somewhat similar to keywords for SEO purposes: the keywords you target directly impact the search terms you rank for.

Make sure you use your full allocation of characters, and avoid targeting unnecessary search terms; if your keyword appears in your title, you don’t need to target it again.

Your targeted Keywords

Of course, App Store optimization will only get you so far. Apple is more interested in giving users a great experience than how well optimized your app description is buy ios keyword installs.

Number of Downloads

The key metric Apple looks at is the number of downloads your app gets.

If more people are downloading your app, this will significantly improve your ranking.

More accurately, Apple focus on download velocity. An app released only a month ago might have fewer total downloads than a much older app, but if it’s being downloaded more frequently right now it will still rank strongly.

Positive Ratings

A relatively new addition to the App Store ranking algorithm: your app’s ratings will also impact your rank.

From Apple’s point of view, this makes a lot of sense. Giving ‘better’ apps -at least in terms of rating- more exposure should improve user experience.

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