Apple stressed that developers should follow the following principles when submitting privacy information for applications:
All data collected by developers or third-party partners needs to be clearly stated, even if some data is only collected and used in limited circumstances.
App privacy practices should follow app store audit guidelines and all applicable laws.
It is the developer's responsibility to ensure that the answers are accurate and up-to-date. If the data collection and usage of the application change, you need to go to the app store connect to update the privacy information. The privacy information can be updated at any time, and there is no need to submit an app update for this.
It should be noted that the privacy question is for the entire app, so the data collection and use of the app on all platforms should be reflected in the answer. If the app collects more data on one platform than on another, it should select all the data types involved in the response, and also explain how the developer app and the third-party partners (if the third-party code is integrated in the app) will treat the user's privacy information.
When filling in the privacy issue of app, it involves data type, data usage, etc. Apple's official explanation is very clear, so I won't say more here. You can open the following website to check.
Review of Apple's announcement on app privacy in 2020
Since 2020, Apple has spoken five times about the privacy issue it attaches great importance to, and each time is promoting the practical implementation of the privacy issue
A kind of June 23rd
In the wwdc20 press conference, it was mentioned that IOS 14 will strengthen the protection of users' privacy
1. The iPhone will flash when the microphone or camera is in use, and the system will also notify the user when the third-party app accesses the user's clipboard;
2. Adjust the IDFA access rights. On IOS 14, iPad OS 14 and Apple TV OS 14, all applications must obtain the user's permission through the apptracking transparency framework to track or access the advertising identifier of the user's device;
3. The app details page in the app store will display the privacy terms and permissions of the app. Starting from the autumn of 2020, when submitting a new app to the app store, you need to fill in a questionnaire describing what data the app will collect and how to use it.
A kind of September 3rd
Apple official news release:
1. The app store will launch the function of displaying privacy information at the end of this year, which will list out the content of APP privacy questionnaire for developers, and inform developers that they can submit information on App Store connect at the end of next month and make preparations in advance;
2. The adjustment of IDFA access rights at the wwdc20 press conference was postponed. In order to give developers time to make necessary changes, the adjustment will be implemented from the beginning of next year.
A kind of November 5th
Apple officially announced that app store connect has included app privacy related issues, that is, the "app privacy information" mentioned in the message on September 3 can be filled in the system.
A kind of November 24 and December 4
Apple officially announced: if the developer has not entered the privacy information of the app, please provide it in the app store connect as soon as possible. From December 8, 2020, new apps and app updates submitted to the app store will need to include this information.