In the App Store, "Today" recommends various topics to users every day, and the topics include various apps that fit the theme. For the recommended topics that change every day, it seems that there is no rule, but "Editor's Favorite" can be said to be one of the few topics that can be traced, and except for the daily topics such as today's theme and today's game, "edit The frequency of the "favorite" topic can be said to be extremely high.

Therefore, developers have a relatively high probability of getting editor recommendations, and it is self-evident for the advantages of user growth. Seven Wheat Research Institute extracted the relevant data of the "Editor's Favorite" topic recommended by the "Today" App Store in China from January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020, and analyzed the recommendation logic behind the topic for everyone.

Recommended up to four times a week, the game is more popular with editors
In the access cycle, "Editor's Favorite" recommended a total of 37 topics in 4 months. From the frequency of recommendation, it can be said that it is quite high frequency. It is recommended at least once a week, and at most once, 4 times a week.

A total of 196 apps are recommended for this topic, of which the number of games is an overwhelming advantage over apps, with a total of 167 apps, accounting for 85%, and only 29 apps, accounting for 15%.

5 games are regularly recommended every week, and keywords highlight product highlights
"Weekly game recommendation" is a fixed weekly column of "Editor's Favorites". Generally, it will be recommended every Sunday, 5 games will be recommended at a time, and "Weekly game recommendation" will be conducted in 14 weeks from January to April. Among the 70 recommended game products, the number of action games is the largest, with a total of 16 games, accounting for 22.9%, followed by adventure games, with 14 games, accounting for 20%. The number of family games, music, and casino games is relatively high. There are only a few.

At the same time, Qimai Research Institute found that there are 41 products that are recommended to be launched in January (for example: if a weekly new tour recommendation is made on April 26, the statistical recommended products will be from March 26 to April 26 Daily products) accounted for 59%, and 15 products were launched online for more than 1 month and less than 2 months, accounting for 21%.

At the same time, Apple editors will generally add 3 keywords in the recommended copy, the keywords are generally 2 or 4 words, 4 words are more, use these keywords to highlight the highlights of the product, such as novel gameplay, national Random adaptations, horror puzzles, etc. After counting all product keywords, Qimai Research Institute found that these keywords usually have 3 attributes, namely product attributes, style attributes, and gameplay attributes.

In addition, "Editor's Favorites" will recommend the best app of the month on the last day of each month, usually recommending 4 products, respectively 2 games and 2 applications, these 4 products and the previous "Editor's Favorites" The recommended products have a high degree of coincidence, that is to say, the products that have been selected for this topic have the opportunity to get a second recommendation, so developers only need to consider how to be selected for the "Editor's Favorite" topic.
Therefore, game developers can reflect in the self-recommended copy:

1. Action games and adventure games stand out

If it's an action game or an adventure game, the developer can focus on explaining that Apple Editor has a better opinion of these two types of games.
2. New tour highlights instructions

Newly launched games can be self-recommended at the first time. The proportion of products that have been launched within the past 2 months has been close to 80%. It can be seen that Apple ’s editors are very inclined to the newly launched games in the "Weekly Game Recommendation" Sex.

3. Summarize 3 keywords
Game developers can summarize 3 keywords around product attributes, style attributes, and gameplay attributes to highlight their own product highlights. In the self-recommendation letter, they introduce products around these three highlights. I believe they can add a lot to the product.