Following Apple's announcement that the "Small Developer Program" will reduce the commission rate to 15%, Google also announced on Tuesday that it will reduce the commission rate for the first $1 million in the Google Play app store for developers to 15%; development After the income of the recipient exceeds 1 million US dollars, the 30% commission rate will be restored. The plan will be implemented on July 1, 2021.


The difference between Apple vs. Google's "reduced rake"

Judging from the current information, although the ratio of commission is reduced, Apple and Google have one obvious difference:

It is conditional to get a reduction in the commission ratio of the "App Store Small Developer Program": developers must earn less than $1 million in 2020, or launch an App on the App Store for the first time. If the developer who is eligible for 15% of the commission rate exceeds the amount of 1 million US dollars, the remaining time of the year will be charged at the standard commission rate of 30%;

And Google will implement a "15% commission for the first 1 million yuan in revenue" discount for almost all developers: the first $1 million in commissions earned in its app store (Google Play) each year will be 30% from the original Decrease to 15%; for the income after more than 1 million US dollars, Google will continue to charge 30% commission.
This means that regardless of whether the application income is tens of millions or less than one million, almost all developers who have launched apps on Google Play can enjoy the reduction of commission ratio.
The similarities of Apple vs. Google's "reduced rake"

Whether it’s the App Store’s “Small Developer Program” or Google Play’s “only 15% commission for the first $1 million in revenue,” Apple and Google’s starting point is the same: to help developers in their app stores reduce expenses and promote The developer team or the company expands, recruits talents and develops rapidly, etc.
In addition, according to reliable analysis by third-party platforms, even if Google and Apple have reduced the app store’s commission ratio, the impact on their app revenue is minimal: the loss of app revenue from both is less than 5%, the company with the most revenue Nearly 30% of the commission will still be paid, and this part of the revenue is the highlight of the application's revenue source.
How to apply for a 15% commission discount

Google said that before the start of the plan on July 1, more details about the preferential policies will be announced, and the Qimai Research Institute will follow up and synchronize it to everyone.
Recently, many small partners have left messages in the group and backstage to ask: How to obtain the qualification of "small developer" in the App Store? How do I know if the application is approved? These questions will also make a unified reply today:
How to obtain the "Small Developer" qualification in the App Store?

If you want to apply to become a "small developer" in 2021, you need to meet the following conditions:
Developers who list products on the App Store for the first time;

The total revenue of the developer and its associated developer account in 2020 does not exceed 1 million U.S. dollars (deducting Apple commissions, certain taxes and adjusted sales), and the current year’s revenue does not exceed 1 million U.S. dollars;

Developers must list all associated accounts before they can apply for commission reduction.