The news that "Apple will take down the app that has not been updated for a long time" has attracted attention from all walks of life and has become a hot search on Weibo. Regarding the criteria for judging “apps that have not been updated for a long time”, developers have invariably asked questions: how long does it take to be “not updated for a long time” before it is judged as an “abandoned app” and removed from the store by Apple?

Recently, Apple officially released the "App Store Improvement Process Standards and New Extension Period" notice, which clearly explained the criteria for "abandoned apps" and extended the rectification (update) period for "abandoned apps". Let's take a look at what the key points are worth paying attention to~

Point 1

What are the criteria for determining "abandoned apps"?

If the app has not been updated in the past three years and has not reached the minimum downloads (i.e. the app has had no or very low downloads for 12 consecutive months), the developer will receive an email notifying that the app has been was identified and may be removed from the App Store.

Point 2

Extension of the rectification (update) period for "abandoned apps"

Previously, Apple’s “rectification” emails issued to relevant developers stated that they must be updated within 30 days, and the latest notice extends this period by 90 days. Including developers who received the email, all developers have More time to update your own App.

Point 3

Will I be notified if the app is found to be buggy?

If there is a problem with the app, the App Store team will contact the developer and ask the developer to make changes to the related app. In addition, Apple added that if an app crashes on launch, it will be immediately removed from the App Store.

Point 4

What happens to apps that are not rectified on time?

If the developer cannot complete the update within the stipulated time limit, the relevant app will be removed from the App Store until the developer submits the update and is approved. (If the developer has any doubts about the app being taken off the shelf, you can also appeal~ )

Point 5

If the app is taken down, will the name be open to other developers?

No, when apps are removed from the App Store, they are not removed from the developer's account, and the app name will continue to be associated with the developer's corresponding app.

Point 6

If the app is removed, can the current user continue to access the app?

Yes, current users can still use the removed app completely normally, they won't experience service interruptions, and they can still make in-app purchases.