• 2020-01-29 03:58
For buying app reviews, we give 3 packages to choose.
1. $49 for 100 ios reviews.
2. $79 for 200 ios reviews.
3. $249 for 1000 ios reviews.
this package contains 100 - 1000 ios reviews,which you can choose any app and target region.We will give all five star ratings or you can choose 4 stars ratings.App store reviews are not the same price wth Google Play, you can also choose google play too.
If you buy a 1000 reviews package, all reviews can be devided into different apps,for no limitted.
For Apple developers, when uploading or updating an application, you need to set the localization information (name, subtitle, keyword) of the app. If you can accurately match the commonly used search terms, you can often help the app to obtain long-term stable natural search downloads. Volume, and Apple AppStore search index is an important reference standard, the higher the ASO search index, the more searches are taken every day.

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